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Amy Winehouse in her early teens, taken from Amy My Daughter by Mitch Winehouse, published by HarperCollins ‘A thoughtful Amy, still in pink and with her heart symbol of course, at her school summer fete’

Sunday morning at Marché Bastille. 

Teaser Motion Factory from La Gaîté Lyrique on Vimeo.

Du 24 avril au 10 août 2014, la Gaîté lyrique se faufile dans les coulisses de l’animation tactile et expose les imaginaires les plus fous d’une génération qui réalise des films comme on réalise des tours de magie.

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MELT by Weston Doty

MegaFaces: Kinetic Facade Shows Giant 3D ‘Selfies’ from iart on Vimeo.

MegaFaces is a kinetic facade conceived by Asif Khan and engineered by iart. It can transform in three dimensions to recreate the faces of visitors to Khan’s pavilion, a 2,000 m2 cube situated in the Olympic Park in Sochi during the 2014 Olympic Games. This video was taken during commissioning, shortly before the opening of the pavilion on 7 February 2014. The project was commissioned by MegaFon. Music: Arthur Carabott



La bohème bleue